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Pollution – Good reasons to recycle

pollution of plastic

SooTasty is a platform of culinary experience but it is also committed to a sustainable environment, to provide an ecological solution by promoting and respecting sustainable development with the reduction of the use of fossil fuel resources, the reduction of waste volume and the global pollution.
The essential resources in our daily lives (a pen, a phone, a house) are all produced on earth and require natural resources.
Making the objects from secondary raw materials, resulting from recycling, helps to preserve these natural resources.

Pollution in numbers …

The number of raw materials extracted from the planet tripled in 40 years.
The volume of raw materials extracted increased from 22 billion tonnes in 1970 to 70 billion tonnes in 2010.
Source « Global material flows and resource productivity 2016 » – PNUE

7 months and 2 days

pale eloiche

In 2017, the man consumed all the resources that the planet can renew in one year in just 7 months and 2 days. The “Earth Overshoot Day”, calculated each year by the Global Footprint Network, was established in 2017 on 2 August. A date that arrives earlier and earlier each year and that was still estimated at October 1 in 2000. (Global Footprint Network)

Every gesture counts, in the office too…

In France, 13 million of us (1 active in 2) work in an office, 200 days a year.

120 – 140 KG PER YEAR

the amount of waste produced by a tertiary sector employee, 75% of which
Only 20% of papers discarded at the office are recycled. We recycle 41% at home.
The CO2 emissions of 200,000 cars could be avoided each year by recycling paper (390,000 tons of CO2).
* “Eco-responsible at the office” ADEME – June 2017

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