green peas soup
These bright green jewels are one of the best spring ingredients. With peas, it is possible to prepare different dishes. Perfect with pasta even better if served alone as a side dish! Of course, this season offers us beautiful days, but also sporadic rains and, when the temperature drops a little, we need comforting food, like the green peas velouté that we offer today! An enveloping cream that will appeal
Arancini (or arancine), the pride of Sicilian cuisine, are small timbales that can be eaten as a snack or appetizer, as a starter or even as a dish. In Sicily, they are found everywhere and at any time, always hot and scented in the many friggitories. From city to city, arancini often change shape and size, taking oval, pear or round shapes, depending on the filling. You can count about
chocolate cheesecake
The Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake is perfect for nature lovers and animals who do not want to give up the pleasure of a cake full of flavor. Chocolate goes well with the light taste of coconut. The cashew nut serves only to thicken the mousse, rather than to give a taste to the dessert.This is a cake really easy to prepare and quite cheap too. With some tips and the secret
pollution of plastic
SooTasty is a platform of culinary experience but it is also committed to a sustainable environment, to provide an ecological solution by promoting and respecting sustainable development with the reduction of the use of fossil fuel resources, the reduction of waste volume and the global pollution.The essential resources in our daily lives (a pen, a phone, a house) are all produced on earth and require natural resources.Making the objects from
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