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Different ways to recycle

reuse bottle

Hello, everyone. I am SooTasty and I am back with other interesting facts on recycling. I hope you
remember what we talked about in the last article “Why we should recycle“, about the importance of recycling because this time we are going to discuss the different aspects of the same.

Did you know that up to 60 percent of the garbage that ends up in the dustbin can be recycled? I didn’t
know this until recently, and it changed my life. I also came to know that plastic bottles can take more than 450 years to decompose! That’s more than almost 5 generations! This is definitely not what I want my legacy to be… a huge pile of trash generated by me which people are struggling to recycle.

Adopting a few simple practices to recycle

This led me to research various ways through which I could recycle the things I use every day. Turns out,
it’s not that difficult! By adopting a few simple practices, we can help in cutting down the waste that is thrown away and contribute to saving the environment. For example, often, we throw away the plastic shopping bags after using them once. However, we can use them for various purposes like as a garbage bag or a grocery bag.

It is essential to have separate bins for throwing out different types of garbage. Generally, there are about five different categories: plastic, metal, glass, organic and paper. It would also be a good idea to
collect batteries in a separate bin as they contain toxic material which is harmful to the environment.
Most of us who are conscious of the struggle our Earth is facing recycle newspapers. But what about wrapping papers, notebooks, etc? Those also can be recycled.


Homeowners can ask their plumbers to rearrange their plumbing in such a manner that wastewater from
the shower or rainwater can be used to flush the toilet or water their plants.

Can we only buy recycled items?

As members of the society who want to ensure a long-lasting, liveable planet, we all could buy only recycled items. Apart from eliminating waste, this would not only help businesses making recycled items. The cycle of using recycled items would also reduce the need for extracting virgin materials.

The best way to save the environment is to ensure that the younger generation also gets into the habit of
recycling. For this, we should take this process to our schools. Of course, the paper in schools can be recycled, but apart from those even the school supplies left behind can be used next year or donated to other children. Schools can also start a composting bin in the yard which will contain the food waste that is thrown away.

The ways of recycling are innumerable and the benefits are many. So let us get to work for the future of
our planet and the coming generations.

If you have some other suggestions, or you want to let us know your daily tips to recycle, please leave a comment below! Share your opinions and spread them around!

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Why we should recycle

I was born on a cloudy day. As I remember vividly, the sun was struggling to break through the clouds,
trying to bring in some warmth into the cold world. You might be wondering why I feel so doleful; I should be happy, I was just born into this world with so much potential and hope.
But first, let me introduce myself. My name is SooTasty and I am extremely passionate about food.

As soon as I learnt to walk, I travelled across the world and met new people, learning whatever I could about the magic of cooking and feeding human beings.
During my travels, I also saw a world that was falling prey to climate change, a world that did not recycle much and a world that would end soon if we don’t take the necessary steps.
So, I want to talk to you about two things today – why we should recycle and how it would affect Earth if we do not.

better understanding of the cycle…

Most of the garbage we dump outside daily are collected and disposed off into landfills. As the garbage decomposes, they release methane and carbon dioxide which contributes to an increase in greenhouse gases which would lead to an increase in the average temperature of the Earth.

Another reason why we need to reduce the landfills is that these are spaces that can be used for housing or medical needs of the planet’s ever-growing population. The waste products that are not collected properly are disposed off in seas, oceans, and rivers, thus polluting our water sources. We humans use up a lot of energy, be it for fuelling our vehicles or factories or even houses.

90.5% of plastics are not recycled in the world …

These fuels come from the fossilised remains of creatures and plants that existed millions of years ago. According to studies, by 2050, this reserve will cease to exist. If we do not recycle materials, especially plastic, after a few years all that will remain are non-decomposable plastic materials. According to a study by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a whooping 90.5% of plastics is not recycled in the world. Just remember that plastics take about 400 years to completely degrade.

recycle post

Nowadays, we are rapidly entering a digital world, which means we barely use papers and every communication is online.
However, it is still necessary to recycle the paper! which can alone save millions of trees, thus reducing the need for destroying animal habitats.

Also, did you know that recycling is good for the economy? Recycled products use less water,
less energy, they save money during manufacturing and increase the economy. Across the world, 1.6 million people work in the recycling industry, which has a turnover of $200 billion, annually.
Did I convince you? Yes? Great!
Let’s then pass the message and make the Earth a much greener place
and less polluted to live.
If you want to know more about recycling, go to the article “Good reason to recycle”.

Author: Arathi mini

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Pollution – Good reasons to recycle

pollution of plastic

SooTasty is a platform of culinary experience but it is also committed to a sustainable environment, to provide an ecological solution by promoting and respecting sustainable development with the reduction of the use of fossil fuel resources, the reduction of waste volume and the global pollution.
The essential resources in our daily lives (a pen, a phone, a house) are all produced on earth and require natural resources.
Making the objects from secondary raw materials, resulting from recycling, helps to preserve these natural resources.

Pollution in numbers …

The number of raw materials extracted from the planet tripled in 40 years.
The volume of raw materials extracted increased from 22 billion tonnes in 1970 to 70 billion tonnes in 2010.
Source « Global material flows and resource productivity 2016 » – PNUE

7 months and 2 days

pale eloiche

In 2017, the man consumed all the resources that the planet can renew in one year in just 7 months and 2 days. The “Earth Overshoot Day”, calculated each year by the Global Footprint Network, was established in 2017 on 2 August. A date that arrives earlier and earlier each year and that was still estimated at October 1 in 2000. (Global Footprint Network)

Every gesture counts, in the office too…

In France, 13 million of us (1 active in 2) work in an office, 200 days a year.

120 – 140 KG PER YEAR

the amount of waste produced by a tertiary sector employee, 75% of which
Only 20% of papers discarded at the office are recycled. We recycle 41% at home.
The CO2 emissions of 200,000 cars could be avoided each year by recycling paper (390,000 tons of CO2).
* “Eco-responsible at the office” ADEME – June 2017

If you want some tips and find out a different way to recycle, you must read our article “Different way to recycle“.