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MFIAC Ep 6 – Chicken Ghee roast

chicken ghee

Most cultures across the world consume chicken mainly because our ancestors domesticated them and, therefore, it was easy to attain their meat. Some finds in Israel even hinted that chickens might have been consumed as early as 400 BCE. Each culture has its own manner of cooking and garnishing the bird. Here, we bring to you a tried and tested south Indian dish, the Chicken ghee roast, that is generally spicy; but, as you will see in the video, we have restricted the seasoning so that everyone can enjoy it. 

Chicken ghee roast originated in a small south Indian town named Kundapur. What started out in a small-town kitchen now has strongholds across the country. The authentic dish is dark red, tangy, fragrant and very spicy. Now, what is an Indian dish without the country’s trademark spices? Chicken Ghee Roast is no different. Its popularity is such that in India you get a spice called Kundapur masala which is used only to make this dish. Most restaurants in south India that offer non-vegetarian food would definitely have ghee roast chicken on their menus. 

Now, it’s time to show us your culinary skills! Watch the video, try to realize the recipe and let us know if you like it. When you read the recipe, you might feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the number of spices required. But like every Indian dish we have mentioned before, the recipe can be altered according to individual taste and preference. 
Also, if you love Indian cuisine, or you want to try different dishes, you should check our other recipes, the “Dal Tadka” video recipe, and its recipe or if you want some Chinese dishes, check the “Traditional Chinese dishes” post.

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Let us know in the comments below about what your most favorite chicken dish is. 

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MFIAC ep 4 – A culinary trip to India

Dal Tadka episode 4

Hello and welcome back to the forth episode of our series “My friend is a Cook”! In the middle of a busy week, there is nothing better than some food from the land that celebrates spices. In this video, we bring to you two Indian dishes — Dal Tadka and Aloo Gobi — which are extremely easy to make with the basic spices available in most homes. For this, we welcomed our new friend Arathi into our kitchen and let’s just say it was a fun, and delicious night! 
For a FULL RECIPE, check our post “Dal Tadka recipe“.

Let’s get started!

What makes a real Indian food?

As you know, what defines Indian dishes are the blend of spices. But what you need to remember is that the spices should not overpower the taste of the vegetables. So be mild with the usage. Apart from spices, other things that add the special flavor to Indian dishes include mint leaves, coconut, fresh green chilies (might be too spicy for some) and curry leaves. 

Once you feel the vegetables are starting to cook, do a taste test. This will help you determine if more spices need to be added. 

Try to buy spices from an Indian supermarket or an Asian market. They will be more authentic and will work well with the vegetables and meat you are cooking. Bought a lot of spices at one go and don’t know what to do with the leftovers? Do not worry because most spices stay for a long time; just ensure you store them in a dark cabinet without moisture. 

Now that you know the tips to prepare a real Indian meal, go check the video and make your friend amazed about your new dishes! Arathi has made the recipe as simple as possible so that not only Indians but also non-Indians who enjoy Indian cuisine can easily prepare it without much effort. 

“Dal” basically means lentils. Dal is a staple dish in most of India because of its protein content.

It made frequently in most northern Indian homes thanks to the obvious ease in preparation and the high nutrient content. It is generally consumed with rice or flatbread.

Check our FULL VIDEO for recipes.
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Also, is your friend a cook? Does he/she love to prepare amazing homemade dishes?
Let us know, he/she might be part of our series!

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MFIAC Ep 2 – The traditional Chinese dishes!


Welcome back! Now, who doesn’t love Chinese food, right? So we thought why not have one more video with Chinese cuisine, where our special friends Céline and Xinjy made Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, Mapo Tofu and Zha Jiang Mian. And, it was so tasty that by the time we finished eating, not even a morsel was left on any plates! 

Every cook has some tips to ensure each dish that is put in front of people just blows their mind away. While talking to our cook friends in this video, we also learnt some such facts. For example, did you know that the normal soy sauce is for taste, while the darker one is for color? Also, while cooking pork, add a generous amount of ginger to get rid of the smell of the meat.

Want more such tips about Chinese cooking? Read on:

  1. Use Mapo tofu sauce to add an extra zing to the low-carb meals. Trust us, the outcome is delicious. 
  2. A splash of sesame oil goes a long way when it comes to bringing out the flavor of Chinese food. 
  3. Planning to make black bean noodles? Remember, the thicker the better!

The three dishes we have here for you are quite special, not only because our friends made it but also because of their popularity and history. 

The sweet and sour pork ribs is a delicacy that was developed in Shanghai and intended as an appetizer. Its popularity is such that is people across Europe and the Americas have emulated it successfully. 

The Mapo tofu — which is a delightful combination of sweet, bitter, salty, sour and spicy — can be traced back to late 1800s, during which it was developed by a woman named Mrs. Chen. The name Mapo refers to her — ma meaning pock (her face was pock marked), po meaning old lady.  

The Zha Jiang Mian is something that is slowly joining the ranks of pho, ramen and pad thai in the West and evokes fond memories of every Chinese individual who has ever stayed away from home. 

Here is the video. Did you like the dishes? Let us know in the comments!

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Mini series “My Friend is a Cook” Ep 1

my friend is a cook

Hi everybody, 
Most of us have had cooking sessions with our friends where we exchange recipes, cooking techniques, and the works. Sharing a communal table full of great dishes from different parts of the world is a wonderful experience and here, at SooTasty, we thought what is better than bringing that experience to you! For this, a new series “My Friend Is A Cook” (MFIAC) was born. We will get our friends to make their tasty dishes on video so that you can try to recreate and taste them with your friends.

The first video we have is with our Chinese friends Xinyi, Celine, and William who showed us what a real Chinese home meal looks like. We were amazed by all the dishes that they prepared.

Want to discover how to make Dumplings like a Chinese?
Want to know where the “Twice Cooked pork” comes from?
Want to know how the real Chinese meal looks like?

Check out our first video of this mini-series here, and let us know which Chinese food have you tried and which one you like the most by leaving us a comment below.