avocado salad
One more delicious fresh avocado salad before summer ends!Avocado got my attention these last few years, as it is not a common fruit in Italy (botanically is a large berry).But, like me, you will fall in love with him from the first try. The avocado is cultivated in tropical and Mediterranean climates and can be used in so many different recipes.Here you will find another easy recipe, healthy and perfect for children and
chicken ghee
Most cultures across the world consume chicken mainly because our ancestors domesticated them and, therefore, it was easy to attain their meat. Some finds in Israel even hinted that chickens might have been consumed as early as 400 BCE. Each culture has its own manner of cooking and garnishing the bird. Here, we bring to you a tried and tested south Indian dish, the Chicken ghee roast, that is generally
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red berries avocado salad
Gorgeous summer strawberry spinach salad topped with avocado, raspberry, sweet gorgonzola, pecans and drizzled with a flavorful strawberry balsamic vinaigrette. This is the best red berries salad recipe!Why? Because it’s a perfect combination between colors and textures. The crunchy of the nut, the juicy of the strawberry and raspberry, and the fresh flavors of the spinach. Ohh…I love the way all the red berries pair together. And do not forget that
Dal Tadka
Today Arathi will show us how to make a perfect homemade Dal Tadka, which ingredients to use and which not to use.We also have a video recipe to watch on our Youtube channel and our post “MFIAC Ep4 – A culinary trip to India“.And do not forget to watch our new mini-series “My Friend is a Cook”. Check it out the episode 1 and episode 2 about traditional Chinese food!
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Dal Tadka episode 4
Hello and welcome back to the forth episode of our series “My friend is a Cook”! In the middle of a busy week, there is nothing better than some food from the land that celebrates spices. In this video, we bring to you two Indian dishes — Dal Tadka and Aloo Gobi — which are extremely easy to make with the basic spices available in most homes. For this, we
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