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Welcome to our Help center. Here you can find all the answers, but if you still have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Become host

SooTasty is a platform for people passionate about cooking who likes to prepare homemade dishes. If you are a professional chef you can always join us as an individual but not as a private organization or restaurant.

As a host, you are responsible for determining the applicable tax laws in your country related to the payment you receive. This can range from VAT, surcharges, sales taxes, goods and services taxes or personal or corporate income taxes.
For France, please refer to the following text:

Become Ambassador

Joining us as Ambassadeur by spreading around the voice and earn every time a guest makes a purchase.
Become Ambassadeur it is very easy:

    1. Sign up on SooTasty and retrieve your personal referral code in your profile;
    2. Share your referral code with as many guests as possible on social media or email;
    3. Enjoy the sun! Once your guest signs up on SooTasty you will get already 1€.

Based on the rank program, you will get 1,2,3 or 4% of every purchase made by your guests. And it is not only the first purchase but all the purchase made in all entire life!
See the chart below to understand how ranks work.

Let’s say you are in the “Passionate” rank because you already referenced 50 guests. You have already earned 50€. Now, each one of the 50 guests makes a purchase of 40€, which will generate a net earning of 80€!
It is not bad, isn’t it? And this is only the first purchase!
You have understood that you get the commission for all life long. Now it’s up to you to find your next guest. 😉

Booking request

SooTasty is a Italian company, created by people sharing the same interest and the same passion. We are part of the new social economy, we care more about the environment than money.
We are open to new sustainable projects that can improve lives, reduce pollution and the use of plastics.

If there is something you need to change on your booking you can ask your host to edit some details of the event. Before having your booking validated, you can ask him to change the price, the number of seats and time.
After the booking is validated, he will only be able to change the number of seats. He won’t be able to edit the time or the price.
Feel free to ask the host or the support team if you have any question about this!

Once your host confirms your booking, you’ll receive all the contact details by email.
If you’ve made a booking request and don’t receive any follow-up information from your host, you need to wait for him/her to respond to your reservation. We ask all of our hosts to reply within 48 hours. Don’t forget that you can’t exchange contact details in SooTasty private messages.
Remember that you can exchange contact details in SooTasty’s private messages.

If after booking an experience, you have not received a confirmation email, do not forget to check your ‘spam’ folder. You can always find all your host’s contact details by clicking on “Booking”.

Create an event or experience

Try keywords in your title to catch the attention of your future guest and give them an overview of your event. (eg “Dinner on my terrace overlooking Nice” “Indian lunch on the roof”)

Because we want you to feel completely free, SooTasty does not need to endorse your experience. As soon as you finish to fill up the information, it will be published on the site! This does not mean that we do not check the experiences of our website. On the other side, all non-compliant ads will be temporarily suspended and we will ask you to make changes.

Yes, you must include all drinks in the price. You can also suggest that customers bring their own bottle.

As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words and first impressions always matter!
Do you take your guests to your favorite market? Do you receive them on a roof? Show them what your experience will look like! All the photos you download will be your first contact with your future guests. Go ahead, give them a glimpse of the experience they will experience: the place, the food and of course yourself! It’s time to show it!

SooTasty guests want to live an authentic experience with you. It’s important for them to know what to expect to book your event, so avoid using photos and keep in mind that it’s illegal.

If you do not have photos of your dishes yet, start by uploading photos of your table, your place, your neighborhood and yourself of course! You can also contact our support at and we will be happy to help you and give you some tips!

To choose the price of your events, you can average the amount you spend on the ingredients you need and also take into account the time you spend on each event. (for example, the time you spend in a cooking class or preparing the menu)
Please keep in mind that our commission is 20%.
For example, if you set the price of your event at € 20 per guest, you will get € 16 at the end.


If your reservation request is refused, no booking or service fee will be charged.
Although, depending on your method of payment, a temporary authorization or refunded fees may be displayed after the rejection or expiration of a reservation request.
If the booking request is declined or expires, you will see the authorization disappear completely or appear as a refund in your payment account. Depending on the processing time of your bank, issuing the authorization may take up to 7 business days.

No, SooTasty just takes a commission from the host. The guest has no fees at all.
This includes all taxes, payment processing fees and all-risk insurance for the host and guest so you can enjoy the experience without any problems.