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Mini series “My Friend is a Cook” Ep 1

my friend is a cook

Hi everybody, 
Most of us have had cooking sessions with our friends where we exchange recipes, cooking techniques, and the works. Sharing a communal table full of great dishes from different parts of the world is a wonderful experience and here, at SooTasty, we thought what is better than bringing that experience to you! For this, a new series “My Friend Is A Cook” (MFIAC) was born. We will get our friends to make their tasty dishes on video so that you can try to recreate and taste them with your friends.

The first video we have is with our Chinese friends Xinyi, Celine, and William who showed us what a real Chinese home meal looks like. We were amazed by all the dishes that they prepared.

Want to discover how to make Dumplings like a Chinese?
Want to know where the “Twice Cooked pork” comes from?
Want to know how the real Chinese meal looks like?

Check out our first video of this mini-series here, and let us know which Chinese food have you tried and which one you like the most by leaving us a comment below.  

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