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MFIAC Ep 6 – Chicken Ghee roast

chicken ghee

Most cultures across the world consume chicken mainly because our ancestors domesticated them and, therefore, it was easy to attain their meat. Some finds in Israel even hinted that chickens might have been consumed as early as 400 BCE. Each culture has its own manner of cooking and garnishing the bird. Here, we bring to you a tried and tested south Indian dish, the Chicken ghee roast, that is generally spicy; but, as you will see in the video, we have restricted the seasoning so that everyone can enjoy it. 

Chicken ghee roast originated in a small south Indian town named Kundapur. What started out in a small-town kitchen now has strongholds across the country. The authentic dish is dark red, tangy, fragrant and very spicy. Now, what is an Indian dish without the country’s trademark spices? Chicken Ghee Roast is no different. Its popularity is such that in India you get a spice called Kundapur masala which is used only to make this dish. Most restaurants in south India that offer non-vegetarian food would definitely have ghee roast chicken on their menus. 

Now, it’s time to show us your culinary skills! Watch the video, try to realize the recipe and let us know if you like it. When you read the recipe, you might feel overwhelmed or intimidated by the number of spices required. But like every Indian dish we have mentioned before, the recipe can be altered according to individual taste and preference. 
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