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If I have to describe this dish in one word, I’ll choose” surprising”. A combination of traditional Vietnamese snack with an Italian style filling, (with mushrooms and cream) unexpectedly delicious. The intriguing flavor somehow can make you feel like sitting at a Vietnamese safe showering in the Sicilian sunshine. Besides, this dish can also represent the lovely hostess and her husband, their hospitality was really unforgettable, definitely will go again!


We had a very good experience with Soo tasty. The course was very interesting, we prepared arancini with chef Giovanni and we tasted the dishes prepared in a friendly atmosphere! If you love Italian cuisine, this is a great activity to do!


We were hosted by a charming chef couple for a delicious three course dinner in their home in Antibes. I was with my two daughters and had a second thought about going to a stranger’s home but my questions were immediately put at ease as soon as I we were picked up. Food was delicious and the experience was unique. Like going to dine with old friends. We recommend.


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Discover new food

You want to try new food, with your friends for a special dinner. Order between the different type of food (Spanish, Italian, French, Vietnamese).

No time to cook

There might be days when you come back home late from work and do not have time to cook. Do not worry — SooTasty’s local chefs near you can prepare the food and, at times, even wait for you to enjoy the meal together!

Meet new people

Meet new people to share your interests and passions as you. We at SooTasty, we believe is important create new opportunity, for a future collaboration or “Who knows?”


SooTasty respects the environment and does its best to minimize pollution and waste. Let us cook and eat together to avoid waste food too! Join our SooGreen Points Rewards Program!

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Payments are secure, made only after your reservation has been approved. We offer a FREE insurance for everybody.



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We have a fixed maximum price, cause we love to cook, and homemade is cheap cause use fresh products of the market.

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